Charcoal Portrait: “The Woman”

Charcoal drawing of beautiful young woman
The Woman, charcoal portrait drawing by Magnus Fröidh


Creativity and hard work has been flowing the last few weeks! I’ve done this piece plus another one for a scholorship competition here in Sweden with a chance of winning 100 000SEK! I would go totally craaaazy if I did, ’cause that would enable me to go to California next year to study at Watts Atelier! And that’s exactly the dream I’m pursuing right now! So lets hope it goes well.

These two charcoal portrait drawings have also ment a big step forward in finding my artistic voice – I’ve wanted to do more portraits for a long while, and a few months ago my good friend Daniel Luther (you should check out his awesome watercolor work!) showed me the charcoal drawings of Casey Baugh, which then inspired me to do more portraits and try out different ideas with textures, patterns, etc. You can here more about the process in the video!

The other charcoal portrait, called “The Girl”, will be posted in a few days. Stay tuned! 🙂

Time Lapse Video:


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