“The Girl” (Time Lapse Video)

Latest drawing! 🙂 I’m very happy with this one, I felt inspired and the creative juices where flowing during the process. And I had really fun doing it! Still, art is always hard work. But it´s worth it 😉

The only thing is that I missed the eyelashes when recording this!! 😱 😁  Sooo annoying… But I’ll just have to add them before posting the final drawing.

This drawing and “The Woman” where made for a drawing competition to win a 100 000SEK in scholorships, let’s hope I’m one of the three lucky winners! If I win, I can go to America next year to study at Watts Atelier in California!

Enjoy the video, and please leave comments if there’s anything you think think about!

(And no, it has nothing to do with any Illuminati stuff. She’s just holding a pearl in from of her eye, looking at it. That’s it.)

This one and “The Woman” where both inspired by the awesome charcoal drawings of Casey Baugh! Check him out!

4 thoughts on ““The Girl” (Time Lapse Video)

  1. Fascinating to watch! I love how well you rendered the freckles, they seem so real. She seems real! And the background gives it a nice, contemporary twist. Just so that it doesn’t look too much like Da Vinci. 😉

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