Charcoal Portrait: “The Girl”

Charcoal drawing of a young girl holding a silver pearl
The Girl, Charcoal portrait drawing by Magnus Fröidh



Woohoo, latest piece of art! 😀 This one together with The Woman represents a large step forward in my art and creativity, and I’m very happy with both of them! It’s a direction that I’ve felt inspired to start exploring for a long time – doing portraits with a combination of smooth and rough, textures and patterns, controlled vs. chaotic. In some ways I think they represent my first steps on a larger journey towards what would be my “dream art”, the kind of art that speaks to my heart and soul more then any other.

I sat down yesterday to keep working on a lion in charcoal that I was doing, but it just felt like a past season…  portraits is what I have in my heart now, so expect more to come this year! 😃

The idea to add the splashes came from my friend Daniel Luther showing me the work of Casey Baugh, you should go check out their art too!

Note – The silver pearl is actually painted with silver metallic paint, it doesn’t show in the photos or on the video, but it has a really cool glimmering effect to it in real life! (And no, this drawing has nothing to do with some Illuminati thing. She’s just holding and looking at a pearl)

Time lapse video:

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