“The Girl” (Time Lapse Video)

Charcoal portrait drawing of a young girl with text on top

Latest drawing! 🙂 I'm very happy with this one, I felt inspired and the creative juices where flowing during the process. And I had really fun doing it! Still, art is always hard work. But it´s worth it 😉 The only thing is that I missed the eyelashes when recording this!! 😱 😁  Sooo annoying... But … Continue reading “The Girl” (Time Lapse Video)

Time Lapse of “The Woman”! (charcoal portrait)

Charcoal portrait drawing laying on a table

Awesome time lapse here!! 🙂  I'm really happy about posting this, I've recorded two time lapse videos lately showing both of my latest charcoal portrait drawings, and this is the first!I hope they will give you inspiration to be creative and help you work hard for your own dreams!! 🙂 These two charcoal portraits where … Continue reading Time Lapse of “The Woman”! (charcoal portrait)